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How Can We Help?

What do you need to do to succeed in sourcing from China?

Are you thinking about new ways to reduce your cost and streamline your supply chain?

We can work together in formulating a detailed plan for China, executing it, and establishing business relationships with local manufacturers while following your business targets and budget.

We assist with sourcing food ingredients, OEM factories, and fermentation facilities, with on-site presence, quality control, and logistics support.

Focus is Important

Sourcing Food Ingredients

Our past experience and contacts determine our focused segments, where we have a clear and significant added value.

Sourcing Food Ingredients

We are working more than 10 years with food ingredients suppliers from all over China. We vet the suppliers, audit their facilities and make sure they have the experience and the legal documentation to produce and export their products to our customers worldwide.

Locating OEM Factories

If you required a more close and technical cooperation with leading food factories in China, we can streamline the whole process, starting with vetting, qualification and up to assisting in negotiation an OEM/ODM agreement, QA inspections, and monitoring payments and shipments.
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Who We Are


We are professional business people, with over 20 years experience in China and Asia, leading local teams and companies in areas such as marketing, sales, business strategy, operation, quality assurance and supply chain


We have many business contacts in many areas and levels - in the private and public sectors with decision-makers; such contacts help in saving money and create time efficiencies

Bridge Between East and West

Our team are all local people, experienced, diligent and loyal, with the ability to bridge culture gaps and different business styles between East and West

China is currently the fastest growing economy regarding production resources; this is true in almost every segment - Hi-Tech, consumer goods, electronics, and particularly, in food and food ingredients.

COVID-19 has not slowed down the development and expansion of production facilities in China; these factories are constantly looking for new projects related to food ingredients, in general, and to plant-based ingredients, in particular.

ZeYuan is matching the supply chain needs from the West with production resources in China.

Udi Baran – General Manager

Our Business Model

Tailor-Made Projects

Different Focus for Each Project

Our customers are different from each other almost in every aspect, even in the same business segment; the difference can be personal, financial, strategical or simply because of a different business focus. We customize our services for each customer according to its requirements, budget and business targets.

Despite the differences, our working methods and project management principles are kept diligently; we manage our projects by using modern cloud-based tools, with full transparency for each task and stage.



We run our projects in a structured way and manage them with cloud-based tools, providing access to our customers

Full Transparency

Our customers can monitor the projects from remote, in real time and with total control on each task and milestone

On-Going Reports

As part of the project implementation and the business services, our team complements all the activities with on-going reports that help everybody to stay in focus on achieving the business targets
Short-Term Projects
Long-Term Projects
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