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ZeYuan Consulting is located in Shenzhen, China. We are a partnership between Western and Chinese business executives, leading a professional team that combines Chinese and Western cultures.

Our focus is to provide corporate management consulting and customized services to overseas companies that are ready to enter the Chinese market or already have. We also provide Chinese companies with the ability to find innovative technologies and products from overseas and facilitate investment in foreign companies.

ZeYuan Consulting is committed to provide a full range of business services according to our customers’ goals and budget, making sure that a successful business in China is both acheivable and sustainable. 

eva deng zeyuan

Eva Deng


Eva has many years’ experience as an operational director in the entertainment and trading business. Eva has many business contacts in China and Asia.


Udi Baran

General Manager

Udi is working and living in China for more than 20 years with extensive business experience as CEO and GM in Fortune-500 companies in China.


chen baran zeyuan

Chen Baran


Chen has vast experience in web design and digital marketing. Graduating from a top school in Shanghai allows Chen to develop contacts in a wide range of markets.


eran dubovi zeyuan

Eran Dubovi


Eran is a veteran businessman, engaged in business development of Israeli startup companies; Eran has also a vast experience in the private education sector.


tracy qin zeyuan

Tracy Qin

Project Manager

Tracy’s experience involves locating suppliers, negotiating commercial terms and managing projects, including IoT and computer vision projects.


sean deng zeyuan

Sean Deng

Senior Consultant

Sean has more than 10 years’ experience as a QA manager in a state-owned factory in China. Sean also ran his own e-business of selling software accessories for gamers.


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