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Our services are focused on Business Services and Sourcing Services in China

When Sourcing, We Cover:

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Vetting & Qualifying the Suppliers

We conduct a thorough background check of potential and existing suppliers, including legal registration and licenses

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Facilities & Production Audit

We conduct facilities audit according to international standards; your requirements, such as production capabilities, capacity output, environmental guidelines, etc. are first priority

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Risk Management & Production Recovery

IP rights, existing suppliers with financial problems, uncooperative suppliers - are all important issues to watch out for and overcome quickly

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Quality Assurance of Finished Goods

We inspect every batch according to your standards and suggesting measures to improve processes and products

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Monitoring Shipments & Payments

We make sure all shipments are according to the regulations of the destination; we also assist in fulfilling payments to China

Sourcing Fermentation Facilities is done in several stages:

Product ID

After signing an NDA, we can identify the precise requirements regarding the equipment and process needed for producing your product

Initial Match

In this stage, we verify with the facility that the basic requirements match the facility’s resources; we are assisting you with all the technical and commercial aspects

Detailed Analysis

Following the initial match, we can drill down to the specific equipment, parameters, long-term production capabilities, and other essential elements

Trial Run

You work together with us and the potential facility in planning and executing a trial production, according to a formal agreement, where we make sure to maintain confidentiality and protect your IP

Final Fit

After several trial runs, we can finalize the equipment and process according to your requirements; we then finalize the commercial agreement for serial production

Serial Production

We continue following the project, including QA, shipments monitoring, and representing your company in the OEM facility

Our Track Record in Sourcing

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