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Our Services

We focus on sourcing food ingredients in China 

Sourcing Food Ingredients

Specializing in plant-based food ingredients, allow us to locate, vet, audit, negotiate and qualify the right manufacturers to establish a stable supply chain with high standards 

Locating OEM Factories

Locate, vet, negotiate and qualify the right manufacturers for your food ingredients’ needs and according to your budget, quality level and international standards.

Fermentation Facilities

Locate and qualify high-level fermentation facilities that provide CDMO/CMO services according to your standards, budget, and sales forecast

Our Business Model

Plan. Trial. Execute.

Our company works according to projects; a project can be ad-hoc that continues for several months or a long-term project, where you require more in-depth cooperation and consistency with suppliers, factories, and quality assurance.

Why Choose Us


We are professional, experienced, and trustworthy team, capable of conducting business at high level, representing our customers in every aspect of successful sourcing in China

Well Connected

We have business contacts in many segments and at many levels; Our contacts are decision makers in private companies, public companies, and government agencies

Bridging the Gap

We are bridging the gap between East and West, making sure that any strategy and target set by our customers are 'translated' to the right action item in China without losing the 'Look'n'Feel