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Our Services

ZeYuan provides a full range of services for its customers according to their strategy, targets and budget, creating the right fit between products and the market in China 

business strategy

Business Strategy

Research and analyze the target segments, develop business plan and business model for sustainable revenue and profit

new products

New Products

Design and register new products according to the local demand, create launch process, pricing strategy and follow up

Business Management

Execute and follow up the business plan according to measurable KPI’s that fit the company’s strategy, targets and budget

marketing management

Marketing Management

Create a marketing plan for both B2B and B2C, execute and follow up according KPI’s and budget

Sales Management

Develop distribution network, recruit sales people, train and manage; develop incentive plans and KPI’s

supply chain

Supply Chain

Locate suppliers and factories, establish production process, create efficient value chain, fit cost to budget 

Our Business Model

Build Srategies, Build Confidence, Build Your Business.

Our company works according to projects; a project can be ad-hoc project that continues for several months or a long-term project, where our customer requires more in-depth market research, establishing the business model and create the basis for sustainable revenue and profit.

our focus areas

food ingredients zeyuan

Food Tech

We provide a full overview on the market in China, the food safety regulations, the consumer habits and the main customers and distributors. We help our customers establish an efficient platform for sales, supply chain and sourcing, working with distributors and suppliers, collaborating with new food technologies and ingredients.

Consumer electronics

We help our customers understand the market, the business model and identify the main players; we also help in designing and developing new products according to the market requirements, locating the potential suppliers, negotiating T&C’s and qualifying them. 

modern it technologies

modern IT technologies

From IoT to AI and Big Data, we can analyze the market in China, point out the main trends and identify the main players that can become a major customer or system integrator for the new technology; we also recommend the business model for the most efficient market introduction.


China is the largest market for Gaming: games, devices, accessories and services. 50% of the worldwide online gaming revenue is generated in China. We introduce new games and accessories to this booming market, both for PC and mobile gaming segments. 

supply chain - zeyuan

Supply Chain

Sustainable efficiency, cost, quality, and on-time delivery are the main issues when establishing a supply chain. Dealing with only one factor does not bring the expected business results. We work with our customers’ facilities and their suppliers in China and Asia to achieve high standards in all dimensions and according to international processes.

Why Choose Us


We are professional, experienced and trustworthy team, capable of conducting business at high level, whether at one-on-one meetings or at large audience events

Well Connected

We have business contacts in many segments and at many levels; Our contacts are decision makers in private and public companies, government agencies and private investors

Bridging the Gap

We are bridging the gap between East and West, making sure that any strategy and target set by our customers are 'translated' to the right action item in China without losing the 'Look'n'Feel

Customers are the best recommendation

The Business Potential

1 %
China's online users share in the total population
1 %
China's global share in companies valued at 1 billion $ and up
1 %
China share in global GDP


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