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Foodtech meets Manufacturing

Following the constant increase in their net income, many Chinese people are looking for more healthy alternatives for their daily diet. More food companies are looking for new ingredients and applications in order to fulfill the rising demand from the market. 

In parallel, the manufacturing capacity in China of many ingredients is way over the current demand, both for domestic and export use.  This is an opportunity for foreign companies, having unique technology or food ingredient, to test and manufacture their products in China under OEM, Joint Venture or any other business model. In such win-win situation, the foreign company gains low-cost product that can address the market immediately via existing channels and the Chinese manufacturer has a chance to use its free capacity, engage in new product manufacturing and enrich its portfolio.

How We Can Help

In ZeYuan we are doing just that; with our extensive knowhow and connections in the food segment, we can suggest to our customers the following services:

  • Provide a comprehensive market overview for the relevant food ingredients, recommend a business model, list the main customers, local suppliers and distributors, indicate the pricing situation and describe the local food safety regulations
  • Identify the suppliers and facilities that can accommodate new ingredients, provide high quality production and have access to the potential customers in China
  • Assist in negotiating a commercial agreement with the relevant manufacturers, business partners and distributors
  • Follow up and continue the relationship and support with all the local stakeholders
foodtech meets manufacturing - how zeyuan can help in foodtech
foodtech meets manufacturing - we have the expertise - udi baran camellia award

We Have the Expertise

Our General Manager, Udi Baran, is working in the food ingredients segment in China for more than 8 years; starting as the General Manager of CHS Ningbo Protein Foods, Udi accumulated extensive experience in operating a food ingredient factory, got familiar with the supply chain in China, the raw material suppliers, the food safety regulations, the leading food manufacturers and the top distributors in China and Asia-Pacific.

During the last 8 years, Udi acquired many business contacts at top food companies, local government officials, senior managers of food suppliers and main distributors from across the country.

Udi is working closely with a group of food experts, covering all areas – from food safety regulations to logistics and operation, food engineering and R&D and up to sales, marketing and business development.

If your target is to introduce new and unique technology or product to the food segment in China, we can get you familiar with the business landscape, recommend the right business model and suggest the action plan that allows you to create, grow and sustain your business in this fast-growing market.

Your targets can also include locating local manufacturers in order to reduce your operating cost for your final product, or even create partnership or joint venture with a top Chinese food company that can immediately produce and sell your product/ingredient in China and other markets.


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