China the Largest Gaming Market

The Largest Gaming Market in the World

China dominates the global gaming industry! China’s gaming market is nearly twice as large as Japan’s — the nation that introduced the world to video games — and boasts three times as many online gamers as the world’s second-largest gaming nation, the US.
619.5 million people in China played games in 2018 — way more than the total population of the US and Japan combined!
50% of the total revenue of PC online gaming is generated in China! This is a huge potential for games vendors, game accessories manufacturers and gaming services providers.

How Can We Help?

The gaming market is in constant change! just few years ago PC online gaming was dominating this segment, both by revenue and number of users. Today, the largest segment is Mobile Gaming which force all vendors to create special games and accessories for this fast-growing market.
Entering such segments in China requires deep understanding of the dynamics, main players, the value chain and regulations. We can provide all the data necessary for a gaming vendor to provide the right product and service, using all the modern e-commerce sites.
China the Largest Gaming Market
China the Largest Gaming Market

We Have the Experience

For an observer from the outside, the gaming market in China looks like a highly saturated market with few ‘giants’ companies deciding on the shots. In fact, by using the right experience and expertise, good games and good accessories can be introduced and contribute to the business success almost immediately.
We can show you the methodology and action plan for entering and succeeding in the gaming market in China!