Modern IT Technologies

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China is a Hi-Tech Nation

Even during a short visit to China, one is amazed by the level of modernization and adoption of new and high-level technologies; everyday life has become, almost for every citizen, totally depended on technology and hi-tech solutions. People are no longer using cash but rather pay with their mobile phones, business transactions and information exchange are done via local social platforms, electric cars, buses and trucks are more and more common, large TV screens in elevators can identify the audience and show personalized advertisements … and the examples go on and on!
In order to enable all this, China accommodates the largest data centers in the world with high-speed fiber infrastructure that is spread all over the country, even to remote rural areas. As a government policy, China is encouraging companies and individuals to use modern technology tools and import technological innovations and know-how.

How We Can Help?

Having the right product for any segment in IT, such as IoT, Computer Vision, Big Data etc., is still not enough to create a sustainable and successful business. Choosing the right business model is the most important element when introducing a new technology in China.
Trying to address the potential customers directly is usually not the right way; knowing the market landscape, the main players and the value chain for each segment, is crucial for success. The actual customer for the technology (or the business partner) is usually not the company that uses the technology, but rather a system integrator or a solution provider that negotiates and implements the technology together with the end-user.

We Have the Knowhow

The first step for every hi-tech project is to know and understand the market need, the technology gaps and the value chain for implementation. We know how to analyze the market, the competition, the business model and the most effective way to introduce new technologies in China.
Not every technology can be adopted ‘out-of-the-box’; some products should be modified and adjusted according to the local situation, prices, mind-set and needs. We help our customers perform the right adjustments to ensure the business success and sustainability.