Never Settle for Efficiency and Quality

China has the capability and expertise to manufacture almost any product; the production growth from 2013 to 2019 stands at 7.5%, which is the highest rate compared to any other country.
Factories in China come in all different levels and sizes; in principle, these factories can produce efficiently at the highest quality, depending on the customers’ requirments.

How We Can Help

Before any agreement is signed, a thorough qualification process should be conducted and the gaps should be bridged.
Making sure quality is not compromised, is an essential stage in providing consistent, high-quality manufacturing:
– Set up the standards
– Create testing procedures
– Train the local team
– Execute the quality plan
Part of the qualification is also auditing the existing processes and making sure efficiencies are in place in order to achieve the cost targets.
We can provide the local qualification agencies, templates, creating an upgrade quality plan, if needed, and review the current processes with your manufacturing partner.

We Have the Experience

Our consultants have many years’ experience in production, quality assurance, quality control, process design and manufacturing optimization in several types of facilities, such as electronics assembly and food production.
We share our experience with our customers when they search for the right factory and aim at world-class products at the highest quality, aligning with international standards and procedures.