Consumer Electronics

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Exciting Market is Unveiled

No doubt, the consumer electronics segment in China is growing fast, is exciting and it is creating business opportunities for many companies that would like to sell their products and gadgets. However, in many sub-segments this market is highly saturated, with many leading, good vendors that, in some cases, must engage in fierce ‘price war’. 

How We Can Help

Entering this exciting segment, not to say – succeeding in it, requires a very structured business plan and long-term strategy. It starts with the market research, having the right team in place and translating the strategy to a step-by-step action plan that fits this dynamic market.

We are helping our customers understand the market and its dynamics, prepare a business plan and strategy and, later, break it down to action items that are clear, accurate and measurable. This will allow the local team acting immediately and efficiently when it comes to sales, marketing, business development, negotiating with local suppliers etc.

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We Have the Experience

Sometimes, you don’t have to ‘invent the wheel’ every time you are  introducing new products or new service; “Experience never gets old”, as they say, and we can harness our experience for the benefit of our customers, shorten the time to market, reducing the cost and working within a strict budget.

We can demonstrate to you our methods and mind set when it comes to project management, qualifying suppliers, developing and modifying products and training your team on how to take effective action in order to meet the business targets.