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why foreign companies fail in China - ZeYuan Consulting

Why Foreign Companies Fail in China

Businesspeople and companies understand the huge business potential China has to offer almost for any product; after all, this is the 2nd largest country regarding GDP, and in certain areas, China is #1 – internet penetration, mobile usage, cashless economy, online shopping, and many more. Still, there are many cases of foreign companies in China that are not successful as

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start your business in China - ZeYuan Consulting

Ten Tips When You Start Your Business in China

NO TIME TO READ? WATCH THE SHORT SLIDESHOW ON LINKEDIN or FACEBOOK I believe you are aware that when you start your business in China, you will face unique business culture and mindset. As a Western guy, it took me many years to learn and adapt to the style and dynamics of the business scenario in China. After 24 years

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